Living With Purpose

A book with two pages folded to create a heart
By Team Trilogy |
When someone moves into our campus, they don’t leave behind their passions, their hobbies, or their insights. They bring with them everything that makes them unique. It’s our job to learn everything we can about each resident and encourage them to continue to express themselves, ask questions, learn, and grow. We’re constantly amazed by what we discover.
Our campuses are home to so many talented men and women; chefs and painters, gardeners and explorers, and quite a few poets. For Poetry Month, we asked our residents to share their favorite poem, or submit a poem they have written themselves. We’re showcasing both below. Enjoy!
Bill Davis 
Assisted living resident, Bill Davis, is a poet and has had his book of poems published in the Library of Congress. He loves writing, and he loves sharing his work. His two favorites are "This Old House" and “Echoes” which is about his sister.
Kathy Phegley
"In my life, birthdays were always happy and full of surprises. I wrote this poem on my 58th birthday (April 22, 2016)." - Kathy
Ready Kathy's poem about Birthdays!
Hillard Newson
Hillard - aka Blake - Newsome loved this poem he wrote because it makes him laugh. As he reads it aloud, he always chuckles!! Since childhood he’s enjoyed expressing himself through words. He even wrote his own book of poems!
Ken Hanna
Ken loves poetry. He’s written an entire book of poems, in fact. When asked to pick the poem he loved the most, it was extremely difficult for him to do so. He asked us to choose instead. We hope you enjoy this poem by Ken as much as we do.
Valerie Townsend
Valerie had a blast submitting her poem for the Limerick Laughs section of The Saturday Evening Post. Take a look and laugh along with us!
Please enjoy this poem, "Memories", written by Frank M., a resident at one of our Lexington, Ky campuses.
A few of our residents shared their favorite poems with us.
Assisted Living resident Joan R. at Hearthstone Health Campus always loved the poem "Little Orphan Annie" by James Whitcomb Riley. "Little Orphan Annie took care of everyone. I had such a feeling for poor little orphan Annie. She worked really hard and helped her family so much." - Joan
Ruth M. from Forest Park Health Campus is a retired school teacher of 41 years. One of her favorite poems to this day is “The Old Swimmin-Hole!“ by James Whitcomb Riley.
Willie S. from Cedar Ridge Health Campus has always liked the poem "The House by The Side of The Road" by Sam Walter Foss. It reminds her of the house she and her husband lived in while raising their children. She says the poem will remain in her heart as her favorite poem forever.
Beverly A., an Assisted Living resident at Hearthstone Health Campus, said her husband told her this poem when they were just 14 years old and she's loved it ever since.

Little bird with yellow bill
Sitting on my window sill
Coaxed him close with crumbs of bread
And then I petted his little head
- Author Unknown